Foreign spy ring busted in Guangdong

Updated: 2014-05-05 09:22


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National security agencies in South China's Guangdong province have cracked open case in which foreign intelligence agencies recruited Chinese nationals on the Internet to steal military secrets, China News reported on Sunday.

The suspect, surnamed Li, received a 10-year jail sentence for disclosing 13 highly classified documents, which were in the second-highest level in China's three-tiered military secret ranking system, and 10 classified military secrets from the third tier.

For some time, Li had subscribed to internal military publications for a foreign spy identified by the online alias "Feige." Li also monitored important military bases in Guangdong in person to transfer information to the foreign spy.

Li transferred a large number of photos of Guangdong military bases and crucial military equipment installations, which is a serious threat to the country's military security, the report said. 

According to the report, since 2007, "Feige" has contacted 12 people in Guangdong and more than 40 other people in some 20 Chinese provincial regions to provide military information. The operations used several websites, including, a military enthusiasts' community.


Foreign spy ring busted in Guangdong
Foreign spy ring busted in Guangdong

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