The things Chinese do for love

Updated: 2015-02-14 07:22


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Guys,Valentines' Day is coming! Are you ready to confess love to your dream girl? In today's Valentines' Day special, Chinese men vie for the hands of their sweethearts using drones, iPhones, cash, dressing up as Santa Claus, sperm, and going half-naked in the snow, with varying degrees of success. Will you take inspiration from them? 

The things Chinese do for love

The courting site. [Photo/IC]

Student courts girl with banner in the sky

Want to win the battle of love? Take advantage of your strengths.

A Nanjing student majoring in mechanics operated five drones to unfold a banner in the sky, and used more than 400 candles and 300 roses to create a formation which read "Love you forever", successfully winning the heart of a girl, Yangtse Evening Post reported.

Feng Shuangji, a senior from Nanjing University of Science and Mechanics, did all this to convince her to be his girlfriend. Ten classmates helped him control the drones and arrange the candles and they rehearsed so that everything was timed perfectly.

If you don't have a drone handy, try to make things fun.

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