Warm memories in the cold winter

Updated: 2016-01-28 13:33


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Frozen turtles come back to life

Warm memories in the cold winter

Two frozen turtles. [Photo/Wechat]

Internet users who were holding their breaths are finally relieved as two turtles have come back to life after getting frozen in ice due to the extreme cold weather that swept across China last week.

The picture of two frozen tortoises in a tank went viral on instant messaging app WeChat, raising concerns of animal lowers all over the country. Many netizens were asking whether the animals were still alive and offering their suggestions on how to thaw them out.

On Jan 27, Xinhua News reported that the two reptiles came back to life after the owner gradually melted the ice.

The news also warms the heart of Chinese netizens. 1197150718_6a46d5, a Weibo user, said the power of life is so strong.

Both human beings and animals live only once so every little life deserve to cherished, wrote another user named Xiulan.