Woman dissatisfied with result of college degree scam

Updated: 2016-03-21 11:40


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Woman dissatisfied with result of college degree scam

A screenshot from CCTV news of Wang Nana [Photo / CCTV]

Nine officials in the province of Henan have been sanctioned in a case involving a college degree obtained using a fake ID.

However, Wang Nana, whose personal identification was used by another woman to obtain her degree, says she's still not satisfied with the results.

"The investigation isn't satisfactory. I still don't know what role each of the nine officials played in the scam. I wanna know how, and through whom, the imposter, Zhang Yingying, got the acceptance letter." Wang Nana was supposed to be admitted to a local vocational school in the city of Zhoukou in Henan around a decade ago.

However, she never received her acceptance letter and assumed she was denied admission.

Wang Nana later discovered clues to the mystery through a bank credit check.

Since the incident became public last month, the school has since revoked the degree obtained by Zhang Yingying, who had been working at Henan education bureau.