Online platform established to help former soldiers find jobs

Updated: 2016-04-11 13:22


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BEIJING - A national group sponsored by the Ministry of Civil Affairs started working with, a leading classified service, on Sunday to establish an online platform to help former military personnel find employment.

Under the partnership,, the group's online platform for ex-servicemen, and will jointly build a human resources database and hold job fairs for demobilized soldiers to help them find jobs or start their own businesses, according to Monday's China Youth Daily.

They will also conduct research and develop new online services.

China reformed its policies on the resettlement of ex-servicemen in 2011.

With the exception of four categories of former soldiers, such as those who have served for at least 12 years, the government no longer arranges jobs for ex-servicemen. However, it has promised more support for their training and employment to help them readjust to civilian life.