US Ambassador to China Baucus says he is a 'WeChat nut'

Updated: 2016-06-23 11:44

By Jin Dan(

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US Ambassador to China Baucus says he is a 'WeChat nut'

Max Sieben Baucus, the US Ambassador to China.[File photo]

The US Ambassador to China, Max Sieben Baucus, is an avid user of the Chinese messaging app WeChat, disclosing that he frequently contacted his counterpart Cui Tiankai through WeChat during an investment reception held at the Chinese Embassy in the US on Tuesday evening.

Baucus said he picked up WeChat as early as 2014 when he embarked on his diplomatic mission in China and now has become a "WeChat nut" in his speech delivered at the reception held by the Chinese Embassy in the US and the China General Chamber of Commerce - U.S.A.

He also joked with the chairwoman of the event Wu Xi, Deputy Chief of the Chinese diplomatic mission, that he would tell Ambassador Cui that she did a good job through WeChat, as Cui was not present at the reception.

Baucus is the last distinguished guest to deliver a speech but he opened his speech by "showing off" his Chinese speaking ability, calling the Chinese entrepreneurs who will attend the 2016 SelectUSA Investment Summit "old friends" in Chinese.

He also indicated in the speech that he had been to almost all the provinces of China. Communicating with ordinary people offers him a better understanding of China.

His wife is also fond of China. She even bought a car and got a driving license. She drives in a typical Chinese drivers' style, he said.

Baucus said he felt happy living and working in China. All the Chinese people he has contacted are very friendly, and he can sense their energy, passion, optimism and pragmatism.

The investment summit hosted by the US Department of Commerce was held in Washington from Monday to Tuesday, attracting about 150 entrepreneurs from the Chinese mainland and 20 from Hong Kong seeking development opportunities in the US.

About 15 to 20 years ago, there was almost no investment in the US by Chinese enterprises, but many of them are actively seeking business opportunities now, he said.

He predicted that the investment volume from Chinese enterprises is expected to amount to $50 billion this year.

He also disclosed that the bilateral investment treaty (BIT) is currently being negotiated between the two countries, which he believes would make it more convenient for enterprises of both sides to make investments in the other side.

Speaking of Sino-US relations, Baucus expressed his confidence and an optimistic attitude towards the future no matter who will become the next President of the US.

At the end of his speech, he said that his more than two year's mission in China made him realize there are lots of similarities between the two people, which helps to strengthen bilateral ties.