Top 10 classic Disney animated films

Updated: 2016-06-23 07:00


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The Shanghai Disney Resort's grand opening last week attracted thousands of visitors. People coming to the resort will see many Disney cartoon images and characters, all unforgettable fixtures of our childhood. Let's review the top 10 animated films produced by Walt Disney.


Top 10 classic Disney animated films

The poster for Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie [File photo]

1. Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie, 1928

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Mickey Mouse in Steamboat Willie is a comedy cartoon that overwhelmed the world, and since then the endearing images of Mickey Mouse has impressed audiences a lot.

The birth of the image of Mickey Mouse is a warm story. One day, years before Mickey was created, Walt Disney was painting and a little mouse sneaked onto his desk to steal crumbs. When the mouse found that Walt Disney didn't chase him off the desk, it dared to amuse him, and the two became friends. Then in 1928, when Walt planned to make a new cartoon, he remembered his story with the mouse, and used the experience to create the beloved cartoon character. Mickey Mouse became an international sensation and starred in many hit cartoons.

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