Survey finds 77 percent of Chinese families are happy

Updated: 2016-06-29 08:12

By SHAN JUAN(China Daily)

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Satisfaction rises with age, education and stable marriage; experts call for govt support

Who is happiest in China?

Women have a slight edge, but men are not far behind, according to a government-backed survey. And the happiness quotient goes up with age, and among people who are still in their first marriage.

Undertaken last year by the China Population Communication Center, a subsidiary of the National Health and Family Planning Commission and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the survey sampled nearly 6,000 people from seven provinces and municipalities, including Beijing.

Nearly 77 percent of respondents said they had a happy family, with more than 22 percent of those saying they felt very happy with their families, a slight increase over 2014, according to Yao Hongwen, head of the center.

Happiness in various categories was rated on a 1 to 10 scale, with 10 being most happy. Respondents clustered just above midrange in most categories. Overall, Chinese people registered a happiness quotient of 6.6, the survey found.

The survey found a difference between men and women, but not much. As a group, women weighed in on the happiness scale at 6.68, while men trailed at 6.52.

People in their first marriages registered a happiness quotient of 6.65, compared with divorced people, who averaged 6.12. Unmarried people fell between the two at 6.35.

One clear pattern seemed to emerge by age and education.

People become happier, on average, as they get older. Respondents younger than 19 years put their happiness level at 6.09, while those 80 or above rated theirs at 6.93.

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