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UK looks to expand exports of offal to China

Updated: 2013-12-09 13:25

The UK is looking to export more meat to China, particularly cuts of meat that are not commonly sold in British supermarkets. This is also on the agenda of British Prime Minister David Cameron's trade visit to China.

Offal, such as pork heads, as well as tails and ribs are among the products being shipped to China. And if more agreements are reached, exports are set to rise even further.

Here at St. John in London, offal including pressed pig's ears, rolled spleen and salted pig's liver are on the menu. The restaurant champions preparing all the edible parts of an animal, known as nose to tail eating.

St. John is world renowned and has won many accolades for its food. But preparing ears, tails and feet is not the norm in the UK.

So the British government is been looking to boost sales abroad.

"The bits of the carcass that we don't typically consume for historical reasons are popular in another country and it is a fantastic opportunity globally to trade with a massive trading partner," Steve Barnes, Commercial Director of UK Food and Drink Federation, says.

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