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UK looks to expand exports of offal to China

Updated: 2013-12-09 13:25

Among the delegation that traveled with Prime Minister David Cameron to China are British meat producers. The UK government wants to be able to start exporting chicken feet, among other types of British meat.

But negotiations can be lengthy. Reaching an agreement to supply a selection of cuts of pork to the Chinese market took six years.

"If you look at it from their angle they need to be convinced we have necessary controls, that is what we have spent time doing. foot and mouth in 2001 was a big issue," Mick Sloyan, CEO of BPEX, says.

And ensuring Chinese regulations are met takes time and and is costly. Tulip, the UK's biggest pig processor has spent millions of pounds getting two of its facilities up to scratch.

"We have invested 20 million pounds in last 18 months and both now China approved," Phil Major, Head of Operations of Tulip Meat Abattoir, says.

But the investment has paid off. The company exports 15 products to China, including heads, ribs and tails.