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India food festival: 'Handkerchief bread' packed with taste

Updated: 2016-06-23 15:33
By Jiang Wanjuan (chinadaily.com.cn)

India food festival: 'Handkerchief bread' packed with taste

The "handkerchief bread" is folded on top of a 350 Celsius degree hot pan. [Photo by Jiang Wanjuan/chinadaily.com.cn]

What is roomali roti making for Indians is much like pizza making to Italians.

The chef needs to twist, turn, and throw the dough in the air. However, the Indian chefs do it on a large upside-down iron pan, which is super hot and coated with salt water. The whole process on the pan takes only less than 20 seconds, including folding the bread into a handkerchief form while baking by hands.

The freshly made roti is soft and chewy. It is pleasant to eat on its own and also perfect with creamy lentil soup and curry dishes.

Besides making roomali roti on site, head chef Jolly is also presenting a rich combination of traditional Indian dishes, including tandoori lamb chop, curry prawns, rasagulla (sweet milk balls) and Indian rice pudding.

The Indian food festival lasts until June 30, offering lunch and dinner at 148 yuan ($23) and 208 yuan ($32) plus service charge and tax. For more details and reservations, please contact Café Noir at 5907 8888, extension 8416 or e-mail café.hjue@hoteljen.com.