China has right to develop military

2011-08-29 13:10:25

The Pentagon released its annual report on China's military capability, harping on the same tone as usual that China's military is a threat.

To help or not to help?

2011-08-26 15:13:07

The case of a 69-yr-old woman who sued a young man for knocking her down with his car has rekindled public debate on morality and credibility.

The wizard of Delaware

2011-08-24 10:43:24

It's hard to shake the image of the Wizard of Oz as smiling Joe Biden tromps around China assuring Chinese debt is safe in US hands.

South China Sea guidelines the first step

2011-08-23 11:09:42

Although China and the ASEAN adopted a series of guidelines in the hope that they could defuse the tensions surrounding the South China Sea and cooperate without any conflict, serious hurdles remain.

Beijing should not be ranked 8

2011-08-22 14:55:07

The recent China City Life Quality Index ranked Beijing No. 8 in China, not only below Shanghai and Guangzhou, but second-tier cities like Hohhot.

Beijing welcomes you, Ambassador Locke

2011-08-19 09:06:14

Chinese-American Gary Locke carried his own bags and backpack through the Beijing airport this past weekend.

Love or property?

2011-08-17 16:32:08

A judicial interpretation of China's Marriage Law regarding the settlement of property disputes upon divorce came into effect on Saturday.

Knowledge no longer changes fate?

2011-08-17 16:51:25

"It is bound to be hard for youngsters from poor families in rural areas to become elites of society in China".

Another half-hearted attempt to attack China's top health problem

2011-08-17 09:37:52

Although China ratified the World Health Organization Framework Convention on Tobacco Control in 2005, the country has yet to ban smoking in public. As long as local governments realize enormous profits from the government-controlled tobacco industry, official attempts to change behaviors may prove fruitless.

What can China expect from Ambassador Locke?

2011-08-16 12:18:32

As ambassador to China, Gary Locke will fight harder for the US national interests. He will be tougher and more aggressive than his predecessors.

China's new middle class control planet's future

2011-08-13 10:22:26

China is rapidly becoming a land of the rising middle class - and a force that will either tip or balance the scales on the environmental future of the planet.

London riot: What goes around comes around

2011-08-11 15:17:20

It seems odd that the British government would label their own people as thugs and gangsters when they used no guns during the riots, and yet they label the rebels in Libya, Egypt, and Yemen as freedom fighters, despite their widespread use of guns and other dangerous weapons.

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