US finally comes to its senses

2011-06-25 16:11:05

It seems that American war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan did not get America anywhere except the unnecessary casualties.

CPC: Present challenges and future course

2011-06-24 14:16:45

The Communist Party of China began its road with the major hurdles. Now it is a party that is working to build a prosperous China.

US, Europe should study Chinese

2011-06-23 15:31:27

Given the experience of the last three years, it would seem time for US and European economic policy to study some Chinese.

Media literacy shows governance quality

2011-06-22 14:34:43

When openness and transparency have become a consensus of governance and expression and supervision have become basic rights of citizens.

Corruption eating rising powers

2011-06-21 14:13:20

If India and China are to continue to be the rising powers, the grave social issue of corruption needs to be dealt with using an iron fist.

India is not balancing China in Africa

2011-06-20 10:33:47

It is not India versus China in Africa. It is India and China in Africa. India does not believe in balancing China in Africa.

Westerners more virtuous than Chinese?

2011-06-18 10:35:41

Is it true that westerners have developed a stronger sense of civic duty while Chinese have "become inured to petty violations."

China is doing a good job in Africa

2011-06-17 12:36:08

Hillary Clinton was driving at when she warned of a creeping "new colonialism in Africa from foreign investors and governments".

US playing different Africa game

2011-06-18 09:08:37

Hillary Clinton was back to her "China-bashing" game during her visit to several African countries.

Good neighbors in deed

2011-06-18 07:34:19

The results of President Hu's visit to Russia reflect the determination of Beijing and Moscow to take their cooperation to new heights.

Seize the chance to change

2011-06-18 07:34:19

The abrupt change from prolonged drought to fatal floods is a warning that the threat of climate change is becoming ever more imminent.

Setting some records straight

2011-06-18 07:34:19

China has to create, not replicate, and ensure that its firms succeed overseas if it wants to become a truly big power