US creates the storm over South China Sea

2011-06-16 17:31:23

The current tension over the South China Sea could not have broken out without the US factoring in it. Those still avid for US support should remember: Washington always puts its own interest above those of others when it projects its power globally.

China's political reform is done gradually on many fronts

2011-06-16 10:46:05

My article published on April 19, Political reform paves way for economic growth, aroused some debate among our readers, and one critique is that the language is a bit outdated, talking only about the changes from the late 1970s to 2000. What about the recent decade?

Yellow journalism still alive and kicking

2011-06-15 09:56:17

The Internet is in its infancy and like babies we are crawling, walking, and falling together.

Chinese youth: Rise of a new culture

2011-06-14 11:35:32

From what Westerners described a "Revolutionary China" to a "Socialist Market Economy," China has gone a long way to achieve what it now calls a modernized society. A crucial aspect of this reformed society is the rise of a new youth culture.

Political dogma limits US economic recovery

2011-06-13 09:20:22

Claims that the financial crisis showed the superiority of China's economic structure were not mere rhetoric. China's "socialist market economy" proved more capable of dealing with the crisis than the US' "free market economy."

It isn't personal, except when it is

2011-06-11 10:14:15

I began writing op-eds for newspapers in 2003. What I can't abide and what seems to be aggravated by the Internet are increasing attacks upon individuals rather than their ideas.

US social safety net in peril

2011-06-10 12:47:38

There are some scary words being said back home about my country's economy. According to just about every Republican I can think of, my country is "broke."

FIFA's council of cover-up

2011-06-09 13:08:33

You couldn't make it up. The FIFA bribery scandal reads more like a comedy script as each day passes and fuels the anger of football fans everywhere.

Using weapons of mass persuasion

2011-06-08 09:32:38

Understanding ways in which we can be influenced by others and in turn be persuasive ourselves is an important tool which we should add to our toolbox.

Don't be shy to say no

2011-06-08 13:25:45

In modern society, we all seem to be over-scheduled and running ourselves ragged. We are continually operating at an unrelenting pace.

Using weapons of mass persuasion

2011-06-08 09:32:38

We often make shortcut default decisions by deciding that if others made that choice, it must be a good one.

Oprah took talking to a new level

2011-06-07 10:22:55

Talk is often boring, and listeners are often tired, but this is not the least true with Oprah Winfrey's talk show.