Handle platform with kid gloves

2011-04-22 09:49:43

Medium redefining how we communicate, report and market

Do 'Tiger Moms' make the best parents?

2011-04-22 08:56:40

Read Amy Chua's best-selling book Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother, and it's hard not to react. Tiger Mother has been the subject of numerous commentaries.

More empowered women means later marriages

2011-04-20 15:56:43

Women in Hong Kong are making their way to break that glass ceiling and join the club of social elites and rule-makers.

Time to end the abuse of animals

2011-04-18 17:11:10

Beijing's animal rights activists were caught in a dilemma. As they were trying to save the lives of some 500 dogs on the way to slaughter over the weekend

BRICS – a step towards prosperity and democracy

2011-04-14 15:27:41

The Hainan summit of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) gives a foretaste of what the world will increasingly look like in the 21st century.

Stereotyping in any form is harmful

2011-04-13 14:31:43

Stereotypes come in many forms, and one of them in China is heaping excessive praise on foreigners for their moral high ground while lambasting the Chinese for their ingrained ugliness in character.

West plays 'hot potato' with Libyan crisis

2011-04-12 15:29:18

As the Libyan war reaches a stalemate, there have been increasingly louder calls for a peaceful solution to the current crisis through dialogue in the international community.

China steps away from export-led growth

2011-04-11 15:41:12

According to statistics released by the General Administration of Customs on 10 April, China's quarterly trade balance turned red from January to March this year

Intoxication with cricket in South Asia

2011-04-11 09:20:28

Apart from the English language and a parliamentary government, cricket is supposed to be one of the greatest legacies the British left to Indians and to the whole South Asian subcontinent.

Behind the wheel, civilized becomes barbaric

2011-04-06 17:23:32

On this land of wonders, green light does not guarantee a safe passage through the zebra crossing for pedestrians.

China should follow own course in political reform

2011-04-02 15:12:03

The ideas behind China's rapid rise can enlighten us in the process of making innovations in democracy.

Disparate effects of disaster

2011-04-01 10:23:12

Increased exports and more private sector investments can help Japan minimize the effects of the earthquake and tsunami

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