List of individuals, clubs punished by CFA for soccer fraud

Updated: 2013-02-19 09:31


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BEIJING - The Chinese Football Association (CFA) on Monday announced "disciplinary punishments" on individuals and clubs involved in the match-fixing and gambling scandals which were exposed in 2009.

Thirty-three officials, referees and players have been banned for life from football-related activities, while the other 25 have been handed five-year bans.

Twelve clubs have been fined with points deductions and other penalties.

Last June, eight football officials and players were sentenced to jail in the nationwide crackdown on soccer corruption. Two former soccer heads, Nan Yong and Xie Yalong, were both given sentences of 10 years and six months for taking bribes.

Following is the list of names and clubs punished by the CFA:

Banned for life (33 individuals):

Yang Yimin, CFA

Zhang Jianqiang, CFA

Nan Yong, CFA

Xie Yalong, CFA

Wei Shaohui, CFA

Li Dongsheng, CFA

Huang Junjie, Shanghai Football Association, referee

Lu Jun, referee

Zhou Weixin, referee

Wan Daxue, Zhuozhou Amateur Sports School, referee

Shao Wenzhong, China Football Industry Development Corp.

Shen Si, Shanghai Zhongyuan F.C., player

Qi Hong, Shanghai Zhongyuan F.C., player

Jiang Jin, Shanghai Zhongyuan F.C., player

Li Ming, Shanghai Zhongyuan F.C., player

Lv Feng, China Super League (CSL) Corp.

Wang Po, Tibet Huitongluhua F.C.

Zuo Wenqing, Qingdao Hailifeng F.C.

Wang Shouye, Qingdao Hailifeng F.C.

Shen Liuxi, Zhejiang Lvcheng F.C., player

Gao Hui, Yanbian F.C.

Fan Guangming, CFA

Leng Bo, Qingdao Zhongneng F.C.

Wu Xiaodong, Guangzhou Medical F.C.

Yang Xu, Guangzhou Medical F.C.

Hu Minghua, Zhejiang Lucheng F.C., player

Jin Guangzhu, Yanbian F.C.

Du Yunqi, Qingdao Hailifeng F.C.

Du Bin, Qingdao Hailifeng F.C.

Liang Ming, Qingdao Hailifeng F.C.

Gao Feng, Wuxi Zhongbang F.C., player

Li Dan, Wuxi Zhongbang F.C., player

Li Zhimin, Shaanxi Guoli F.C.

Banned for five years (25 individuals)

Yang Feng, CSL

Zhang Zujian, CSL

Ding Zhe, Tibet Huitongluhua F.C.

Gao Jian, Chongqing Football Association

Chen Hong, Chongqing Lifan F.C.

Xie Bin, Guangzhou Medical F.C.

Chen Zhinong, Guangzhou Medical F.C.

Chen Qi, Wuxi Zhongbang F.C., player

Tan Xu, Wuxi Zhongbang F.C., player

Liu Hongwei, Qingdao Hailifeng F.C.

Chen Liang, Wuxi Zhongbang F.C., player

Sun Xiaokun, Wuxi Zhongbang F.C., player

Yao Youming, Wuxi Zhongbang F.C., player

Zhang Yang, Wuxi Zhongbang F.C., player

Xu Hongtao, Chengdu Sheffield United F.C.

You Kewei, Chengdu Sheffield United F.C.

Mu Jun, Guangzhou Matsunichi F.C., goalkeeper

Lou Shifang, Shanghai Shenhua F.C.

Kui Jianhua, Shanghai Shenhua F.C.

Wang Xuezhi, Guangzhou Matsunichi F.C.

Xu Hong, Sichuan Guancheng F.C.

Xu Xiaomin, Shenyang Huachenjinke F.C.

Zhang Yifeng, Tianjin Taida F.C.

Zhang Jian, Shenyang Huachenjinke F.C.

Guo Feng, Beijing Aolinsipu Lmt.

Punishments on clubs

Tianjin Teda, six points deduction/one million yuan fine/returning league rewards

Shanghai Shenhua, 6 points/1 million yuan/returning league rewards

Jilin Yanbian, 3 points/500,000 yuan/returning league rewards

Shenyang Huachenjinke, club registration annulled

Guangzhou  Matsunichi, club registration annulled

Shanxi Luhu, club registration annulled

Shaanxi Guoli, club registration annulled

Sichuan Guancheng, club registration annulled

Shandong Luneng, fined one million yuan

Changchun Yatai, 500,000 yuan

Jiangsu Shuntian, 500,000

Henan Jianye, 500,000