iPhone 6 spawns Chinese satire

Updated: 2014-09-17 07:06

By Raymond Zhou(China Daily USA)

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Ataxi pulled over to someone who seemed to be hailing it.

"Where are you going?" asked the driver.

"I'm not going anywhere. I'm just showing off my new iPhone 6," responded the pedestrian.

This is one of a wave of jokes flooding Chinese cyberspace after the launch of the new Apple smartphone, poking fun at the eagerness to flaunt the latest badge of cool, shock at its price and frustration at its unavailability on the Chinese mainland even though it is assembled here.

The iPhone is known for being pricey. It may house a slew of killer apps, but some Chinese call it "the kidney killer". It was meant as an exaggeration until a report surfaced that a teenager indeed sold one of his kidneys in exchange for this status symbol - before a new model demoted it to second class.

"I'd rather clip a couple of kidneys on my belt," goes one saying.

"Why are you so excited about iPhone 6? You've got only one kidney left anyway," goes another.

The new model is probably larger than a kidney. For someone who cannot afford it, there is always the excuse that "it is too big for my pocket".

Speaking of size, Apple's China office did a poor job with the Chinese translation of its slogan "Bigger than bigger", as it lacks the catchiness of the original and has spawned its own subcategory of satire.

Another linguistic twist involves the company's iWatch, which may be a Valentine's Day favorite because it has the auspicious sound of "Love my wife" in Chinese. But that poses a challenge for iTouch, which sounds like "Love his wife".

The best way to show off your iWatch, according to Chinese satirists, is to wear it on one wrist and a traditional watch on the other. After taking a look at both, you'll murmur to a roomful of envious guests: "7:30. Yes, it tells the correct time. Very precise indeed."