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Traditional art form takes on modern value

Updated: 2013-05-22 10:52
By Zhang Xiao (chinadaily.com.cn)


Dustpan painting is a style that expresses an exaggerated or distorted version of life with a hint of local flavor.

Originating in a small village called Du Zhai in Guiyang, members of China’s Buyi ethnic minority use a brush to illustrate a variety of things, including birds, fish, insects, people and landscapes. The style is also used to portray legends and fairy tales.

Using dustpan painting, the artist can transform the small things in life into beautiful art. The art brings its audiences back to life in a way that allows people to see the beauty in normal things like work and nature.

Today, the ancient art form of dustpan painting has become an attraction for tourists, and its sale and display have turned into a source of income for locals.