China a reliable, all-weather good neighbor of Nepal, says ambassador

By Nanda Lal Tiwari | | Updated: 2017-08-02 10:41

China's support is different than support we have been receiving from many other countries. Based on studies conducted on aid effectiveness in several countries in the past, it is revealed that support provided by many countries, in the name of development, comes to us from one hand and large part of such support goes back to their own pockets through other hand. Their support comes with exorbitantly expensive consultants, tied up with sophisticated and expensive equipments and luxuries and even covenants are designed in such a way that construe the internal policy making right of sovereign government. Sometimes support provided through hand-picked NGOs by the donors engulf huge funds in making unnecessary noises or inflict social unrest as well in the receiving society. Through their support countries have become more dependent instead of becoming self-reliant. Some institutions created as a condition of development assistance become white elephant later and are being big burden for receiving country.

But, China neither placed any conditions to provide assistances nor intruded on our internal matters in the name of support. Whatever support is provided is meant to be used through the government mechanisms. China always provided supports to make the legitimate government strong and it always said the government formed as per Nepali people's choice and aspiration is a friendly government for China. Those are the unique features of development support from China that help shape Nepal China relations in excellent form.

The unprecedented economic development made by China is another aspect to rejoice by the Nepali people. The development assistance to Nepal from China has been increasing in amount and dimensions significantly in proportion to the China's peaceful rise. If we talk about cooperation in the last couple of years, we find ample evidence of growing grant, tourists and investment from china to Nepal. China has extended significant support immediately after the earthquake of April, 2015 for rescue and relief and also made commitment to support rehabilitation and reconstruction of facilities damaged by the devastating earthquake. To fulfill the commitment China provided unprecedentedly huge amount of grant assistance. I myself signed a memorandum of understanding with China for one billion RMB as grant assistance to Nepal in order to reconstruct the earthquake damaged facilities. This is perhaps the first time in Nepal's history that she has received such a big grant amount at one go through a single agreement directly to the government.

People-to-people contacts are growing, co-operations are widening, political trust, goodwill and understandings are deepening. Nepal China multidimensional cooperation is contributing for peace, security and tranquility across the border and beyond. Under the Belt and Road framework that Nepal has signed, lots of opportunities are abound to upgrade Nepal's direly required physical infrastructure and open up more avenues to connect Nepal's economy with China and beyond. We need to work for common peace and prosperity in the trans-Himalayan regions. I am optimistic to the future.

Q. What are the challenges to this cordial relationship?

A: Naturally, challenges exist along with opportunities. There have been some scanty efforts to create negative propaganda against the growing mutually beneficial friendly ties between Nepal and China. Frequent attempts were made to use Nepali soil or take Nepal as a shelter to carry out activities against China's core interest. Even in future as China's strength grows and dimensions of Nepal-China relations widen, those who do not want Nepal China deep relations would try to provoke the anti-China activities in Nepal. Government is resolute on one China policy and not to allow Nepal soil for anti-Chinese activities. Nepal needs to be constantly vigilant and solemnly resolve on its China policy and do needful to acquire maximum benefit from growing capability of China and its generous support. We have to control irritants, if any come across, for moving forward the good, reliable, friendly, trustworthy and long-lasting partnership between the two countries.

Talking about the aspects of economic relations, trade deficit of Nepal with China has mounted. There is such a situation that we are losing our strength day by day to compete in the Chinese market. We have to explore ways and means for reducing such ever widening trade gap to make healthy growth of bilateral trade for mutual benefit. We need to seek Chinese support for enhancing our production capacity and link our potential products with value chain in Chinese market. We are seeking concessional entry for some products in Chinese market. Promoting Chinese tourism and investment would upset the balance of payment due to huge trade deficit.

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