Wall Street Journal: China vows to end corruption

Updated: 2012-11-09 09:21

(China Daily)

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Hu Jintao, the general secretary of the Communist Party of China, on Nov 8 cast a note of urgency for the Party to fight corruption in its own ranks, arguing that official abuses of power could "prove fatal to the party", says an article in the Wall Street Journal. Excerpts:

Chinese leaders have previously warned that corruption could be a severe challenge to the Party, though rarely in such clear terms at such a high-profile event.

Hu was speaking at the beginning of the 18th Party Congress, where the Party will next week unveil a new set of leaders to succeed Hu and his generation of Party officials, and the speech was aired nationwide on State-run television.

The corruption issue is part of a broader conversation in China about income disparity, the public's participation in governance as well as the Party's role in an era of increasing awareness and engagement for a more digitally connected and empowered Chinese public.

Hu also reiterated a populist note that stuck to the Party's previously stated goals of improving the public's livelihood. Among other goals, he urged officials to improve public housing and healthcare programs, as well as to empower China's growing consumer class.

(China Daily 11/09/2012 page10)