Visitors applaud photo display

Updated: 2012-11-14 03:01

(China Daily)

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An ongoing exhibition showcasing China's achievements over the past decade has attracted visitors from all walks of life since its opening last month, and has received much praise.

The exhibition, held at the Beijing Exhibition Center, depicts China's progress in various areas with photos, models, charts and digital albums. An online version of the exhibition was launched in early November and will end on Nov 26.

Since opening last month, the exhibition center has seen a continuous stream of visitors every day, including China's senior leaders and delegates to the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

"Our country's progress is so amazing that I feel very proud. The photography exhibit makes me very excited. I can feel the steady improvement of people's living standards," Gu Qi-qing, a prosecutor, wrote in the guestbook at the exhibition hall.

After visiting the cultural part of the display, a visitor from Miyun, a suburban district of Beijing, said he was impressed with China's achievements in the cultural arena.

"Our museums are all free. I can easily read newspapers and books in my village library. If I want to do some exercise, it's convenient for me to use fitness equipment in my community. Now spiritual enjoyment is accessible for ordinary people," he wrote.

Another visitor, who worked as a village officer after graduating from college, thanked the good policies and leadership from the Communist Party of China.

"Our country has lots of policies to guarantee farmers' lives now. Farmers can get subsidies from governments. People living in rural areas have pensions and medical insurance. We can afford to go to the hospital," he wrote.

Wang Yang, a returned overseas Chinese, said he was impressed by the collection of photos showing the Chinese government's evacuation of Chinese citizens from Libya.

"China has much experience of successful evacuations overseas. It reflects our country's love of overseas Chinese and our country's increasing influence on the international stage," Wang wrote in the book.

"On foreign soil, we have a strong sense of pride as Chinese people," added Wang.