Things to note before getting a dog

Updated: 2015-02-06 05:12

By Wang Zhenghua(Shanghai Star)

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Things to note before getting a dog

Puppy Love: A dog can give love and companionship, and in return they need tender care. Photo provided to Shanghai Star


As a pet owner, there are some things you must do otherwise you may get into big trouble, and one of these is getting your dog vaccinated.

Dogs need regular shots to fight against canine parvovirus, rabies and other diseases or viruses.

To ensure the vaccines are not substandard, we strongly recommend you get your furry friend a shot from a qualified vet, which may cost a few hundred yuan each year.

Another advantage of using the vet as opposed to getting your dog vaccinated yourself, is that the vet will examine its condition to see whether it is suitable to get a shot now and take immediate action if it has an allergic reaction to the vaccine.

Because you are advised not to give your animal a bath for one week following its vaccination, you should clean your animal one or two days before the shot if you don’t want your dog to get too dirty.