Things to note before getting a dog

Updated: 2015-02-06 05:12

By Wang Zhenghua(Shanghai Star)

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Things to note before getting a dog

Puppy Love: A dog can give love and companionship, and in return they need tender care. Photo provided to Shanghai Star

Parasite protection

As a pet owner, you need to be prepared to get rid of fleas, heartworm, roundworm, intestinal worms and other parasites from your dog.

Dogs need regular flea and tick control and parasite protection, even if it does not show symptoms of being affected by the parasite. An adult dog needs to be fed with a tablet every six months to make sure it does not have an endoparasite.

You also need to take measures every three months to help expel fleas and ticks from your animal. You need to learn the signs of a flea bite: they may immediately cause a dog to feel extremely itchy. Within 30 minutes of a bite, they may develop a red bump. Secondary infections caused by scratching are also common.

Dog training

No dog is born with good manners. Pooping on the carpet, leaping enthusiastically onto guests, pulling so hard that it practically yanks your arm out of the socket when on walks — that’s all perfectly acceptable in the canine world. It's up to you to teach your dog to behave the way humans want it to.

Despite the adage about old dogs and new tricks, there are no age limits to teaching dogs. And whether you've got a brand-new puppy or an older dog, the first step is the same: learn how to be a good teacher.

Every dog is different and will respond better to a slightly different training style, but these general guidelines apply: stay consistent and patient, and reward your dog for getting it right.


Little friends, big love

Cleaning your pets

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