Russian daredevils scale Ping An building

Updated: 2015-05-11 11:46


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Russian daredevils scale Ping An building

The written note the doctor found on the floor. [Photo/]

Patient's will demands compensation if surgery goes badly

A doctor in Miluo, Hunan province, was shocked to discover the patient he was trying to save had written a will to attack him if the surgery went badly.

The will was left on the operating room floor and picked up by the doctor. It is not known why the will was on the floor.

In the will, among the instructions to leave certain items to relatives, is the statement: "Demand 300,000 yuan ($48,330) as compensation if I die during the surgery and don't move my body out of the hospital until you receive compensation."

The surgeon was very disappointed in the patient's attitude when he was trying to ease his pain.

According to the reports, the patient was having a surgery to remove a bladder stone, which is a relatively simple surgery and was completed successfully.

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