Unusual but true: Japan's bridge a nightmare for drivers

Updated: 2015-05-15 07:49


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French actress arrested for trying to marry Prince Harry

Unusual but true: Japan's bridge a nightmare for drivers

Video grab from mirror.co.uk shows Camille climbing the gate of Kensington Palace while a guard ordering her to come down. The yellow words read "Please come down."

A French actress named Camille Cottin was arrested for climbing gates of London's Kensington Palace, the residence of British royal family, demanding to marry Prince Harry.

The 35-year-old comedian climbed up the gates of Kensington Palace in high heels, disrupted the changing of the guard before she spent two nights in jail yelling 'Harry, Harry' for 10 minutes.

Camille was filming her upcoming movie, 'Connasse: Princesse des coeurs' ('The Parisian bitch'), which was filmed entirely by hidden camera. The story revolves around a Parisian woman, played by Camille, who is desperate to marry "the last bachelor prince who is not deformed (even if he is a redhead) and who is the right age".

The comedy has become an unlikely box office success in France as more than 500,000 rushed to see the movie in its first week - this year's record given the limited number of cinemas showing the film.

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