Saved by a sunroof

Updated: 2015-05-15 11:35


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Saved by a sunroof

Students exercise in Pingding Mountain city, Henan province, on Wednesday. The photo is not related to the story. [Photo/CFP]

Earn money for losing weight

People who keep saying they want to lose some weight usually have a hard time sticking to their exercise plan. But now, they have an additional incentive as a sports society is offering them money for every 500g they lose.

A sports society of Southwestern China's Chongqing University launched a month-long campaign offering participants cash rewards for losing weight.

Students who lose the most weight will win tablet PCs and mini fridges. Every participant will be awarded 10 yuan ($1.7) for every 500g they lose when the total weight lost is under 2.5kg; People will get 20 yuan for every 500g if they lose 2.5 to five kg; and 40 yuan for each 500g will be given to students who lose over 5 kg.

According to the society, it tries to influence students to have a healthy lifestyle by conducting fitness exercises during the campaign.

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