Six dead as rainstorms wreak havoc in China

Updated: 2015-07-24 07:36


Six dead as rainstorms wreak havoc in China

Photo taken on July 23, 2015 shows a footbridge full of garbage after flood in Liancheng County, southeast China's Fujian Province. [Photo/Xinhua]

But Liancheng County in the city of Longyan suffered the most. Heavy rains swelled rivers and flooded the county seat, where flood water was more than 2 meters deep for seven hours on Thursday. The rainstorm cut off traffic, power and water supplies and telecommunication services, the document said.

Rain-triggered floods have toppled 11,000 homes and damaged 26,220 hectares of cropland across the province, it said. At least 16 km of embankments and 345 sluices and hydropower stations were destroyed. The direct economic losses were estimated at 4.2 billion yuan.

The rainstorm subsided at 5 p.m., the provincial meteorological bureau said.