China, DPRK vow to develop economic zones

Updated: 2012-08-18 14:10

By Xinhua (Xinhua)

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BEIJING -- China and the Democratic People's Republic of Korea said on Friday that they would push forward in developing economic zones.

The message came during a meeting between Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao and a DPRK delegation headed by Jang Song Thaek, chief of the central administrative department of the Workers' Party of Korea.

Jang is in China for the third meeting of the joint steering committee for developing and managing the Rason Economic and Trade Zone and the Hwanggumphyong and Wihwa Islands Economic Zone.

Wen said both sides should give priority in developing and managing the zones as well as implement the consensus reached by the joint steering committee.

The premier said the two governments should strengthen the leadership and planning of the cooperation on the zones, improving laws and regulations; encourage relevant regions for active participation with close coordination; and let the market play its role creating favorable conditions for land and tax.

He called on the committee to encourage businesses to invest in the zones and help enterprises solve their problems, and improve customs and quality inspection services to help with bilateral cooperation.

Jang said the development of the zones had entered a substantial phase and DPRK was willing to work with China to accelerate progress.

Wen said the government would continue to push bilateral ties forward, support DPRK to improve its economy and people's well-being. He is confident the country will also make progress in national development.

Jang said Kim Jong Un, top leader of DPRK, attached importance to the bilateral relations, believing the friendship will be passed from generation to generation.

The Rason Economic and Trade Zone is in the city of Rason in the northeast of the DPRK, adjacent to Yanbian prefecture in northeast China's Jilin Province.
The Hwanggumphyong and Wihwa Islands Economic Zone is near the estuary of the Yalu River, a border river that runs between the two countries.