Apple's repair policy criticized

Updated: 2012-08-30 19:44


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BEIJING - Apple's repair policy has come under fire in China after the technology giant left many of its unfair clauses unchanged in its latest version of after-sales service policy.

China Consumers' Association (CCA), the country's top consumer watchdog, on Thursday issued a statement on its website, saying it was glad to see that Apple changed and canceled two unfair clauses in its new repair policy released this month.

"However, most unfair clauses have still not been addressed or corrected," the CCA said, suggesting that recent policy changes made by the company to alleviate customers' dissatisfaction were not enough.

"Some clauses in the new repair policy violate laws and regulations, and some clauses are not clear, which may infringe on consumers' rights and interests," the statement said.

Apple's repair policies have led to a number of complaints in recent months and caused some provincial consumer watchdogs to include the company on a "company integrity" blacklist.

The CCA has also criticized Apple's practices on several occasions since the start of the year and accused the company of "double standards", saying that Apple complies with domestic consumer legislation in other countries.