John Naisbitt says China is 'The game-changer'

Updated: 2015-02-09 08:23

By Zhang Yue(China Daily)

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John Naisbitt says China is 'The game-changer'

Global Game Change: How the Global Southern Belt will Reshape Our World by John & Doris Naisbitt. [Photo provided to China Daily]

John Naisbitt, the author and public speaker on futurism, and his wife Doris predict that Asia will surpass both North America and Europe in economic power, military spending and technological investments by 2030.

In their new book, Global Game Change: How the Global Southern Belt will Reshape Our World, they raise the idea of a "global southern belt" that includes more than 150 of the 196 countries in the world, most of which are in Asia, Latin America and Africa.

"Nations of the global southern belt are in the process of creating the largest middle class the world has ever witnessed," he says. In 2013, for the first time, the combined GDP of the world's 150 emerging economies, excluding China, was larger than the combined GDP of 37 developed countries excluding the United States.

In the book, the two write: "We should notice that China is very good at adjusting itself amid global trends. China is a doer rather than a talker in many global challenges we are facing at the moment. Its successful reform and opening-up is a good example."

The book points out that countries with emerging economies are turning into global players, with one chapter devoted to China and calling the nation "the game changer". The Naisbitts traveled to more than 20 provinces and municipalities around China, including the remote areas, over the years.