China Guodian to invest $3b in energy projects

2011-05-23 09:01:34

China Guodian Corp is planning to invest 20 billion yuan ($3 billion) in the development of energy programs in southwest China's Chongqing.

Unbalanced demand supply relationship causes power shortage

2011-05-20 17:27:49

Unbalanced supply and demand is causing an electricity crunch in China, said Shu Yinbiao, deputy general manager of the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC).

Green energy sparks Tibetans' daily lives

2011-05-20 14:17:53

In recent years, Tibet has been working to develop and implement green energies such as solar, wind and bio-fuels.

China still needs to develop nuclear power: Expert

2011-05-20 14:09:09

China, one of the world's largest energy consumers, should continue developing nuclear power in the future, but must also be vigilant about choosing appropriate sites for nuclear power plants, an expert said on Friday.

Penglai field to reach peak production

2011-05-20 13:09:34

The US oil and gas energy company ConocoPhillips Co expects the Penglai 19-3 field in Bohai Bay, China's biggest offshore oil discovery, to reach a production peak this year of more than 150,000 barrels daily, said a top company executive.

EU plans may hit air pocket

2011-05-20 11:03:27

Carbon emission charges will drastically increase operating costs for chinese carriers

Common goal, butroles are different

2011-05-20 11:03:27

Most scientists believe that the increase in greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities is a major cause of global warming. Unchecked carbon emission growth will lead to disastrous changes that threaten human welfare.

NDRC to raise on-grid power prices

2011-05-18 17:12:42

The National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) plans to raise on-grid power prices by 0.02 yuan per kilowatt-hour in the provinces of Jiangxi, Hunan and Guizhou provinces in order to eliminate power shortages and boost local power companies' flagging profits.

Sinopec, SABIC invest in polycarbonate plant

2011-05-18 10:25:30

China Petroleum and Chemical Corporation (Sinopec) announced on Tuesday that the company will establish a new polycarbonate production plant with an annual capacity of 260,000 tons with Saudi Basic Industries Corporation (SABIC).

Top 5 power firms suffer 10b yuan losses

2011-05-18 09:28:47

The China Electricity Council (CEC) on Tuesday said the nation's leading five power producers reported 10.57 billion yuan ($1.62 billion) of losses in their thermal power plants in the first four months of the year.

EU approval for PetroChina bid

2011-05-17 13:46:04

The European Union's (EU) antitrust regulator on Friday approved a bid by PetroChina Co Ltd to take joint control over certain assets currently wholly owned by Ineos AG of Switzerland.

China plans 30gW offshore wind power by 2020

2011-05-17 11:15:47

China will expand its offshore wind power installed capacity to 5 gigawatts (gW) by 2015 and 30 gW by 2020, according to the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA) on Monday in Beijing.

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