Hunchun sees new benefits of location on the border

2011-02-22 07:53:11

A city in Northeast China is aiming to import coal from the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) as part of its effort to establish an international coal production base in the border area.

The price hike of gasoline, diesel lower than expected

2011-02-21 10:39:27

China raised the prices of gasoline and diesel by 350 yuan ($53.2) a ton beginning on Sunday, the National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC) announced Saturday night.

Fuel prices rise by 4.5%

2011-02-21 09:19:28

Retail gasoline and diesel prices were raised on Sunday, the second increase in two months, in a bid to tame rising domestic fuel demand amid surging crude oil prices on the international market.

Suntech Power wins $80m UN contract

2011-02-17 11:07:21

Suntech Power Holdings Co announced that it signed an agreement on Wednesday with a Chinese supplier of the United Nations for producing more than $80 million worth of solar power equipment.

A lifeline from Central Asia

2011-02-17 08:01:16

China has imported 5.82 billion cubic meters of natural gas through the China-Central Asia gas pipeline since it started operating in December 2009.

Oil rises on US demand

2011-02-17 08:01:16

Oil gained for the first time in four days in New York as signs of shrinking stockpiles in the United States stoked speculation.

Grid shortcomings taking wind out of energy plan's sails

2011-02-16 07:51:46

China is facing a growing problem with grid connection as more than half of the electricity its wind farms generate goes unused.

Trina Solar aims for global PV ranking

2011-02-16 07:51:46

"The United States' solar photovoltaic (PV) industry will undergo a period of rapid development in 2011 and the number of products our company supplies to the US market will be doubled.

Wind farm of 49.5 mW connected to grid in Tianjin

2011-02-15 17:15:37

The largest wind farm project in north China's Tianjin was connected to grid on Tuesday, supplying power enough for 247,500 households a year.

2.8b kWh of wind power wasted

2011-02-15 16:45:08

A total of 2.78 billion kilowatt-hours of power generated by China's wind farms was wasted in the first half of 2010, the Beijing Times reported, citing a report issued Monday by the State Electricity Regulatory Commission.

Iron ore imports skyrocket to record

2011-02-15 10:13:23

Chinese iron ore imports surged 48 percent to a record in January, compared with a year ago, as traders replenished stocks in expectation of rising ore prices.

Nuclear power sector target too 'aggressive', says expert

2011-02-09 09:29:28

An "over-aggressive" target for the nuclear power industry by 2020 may harm the sector's healthy development, an industry expert from the National Development and Reform Commission's (NDRC) think tank cautioned.