CRP digs in to secure more coal assets

2011-01-22 10:01:16

China Resources Power Holdings Co (CRP) said it's seeking to buy a controlling stake in a coal-mining project in Shanxi province, for about 6 billion yuan ($910 million).

China's rare earth producers push for clear national strategy

2011-01-21 17:15:27

Local political advisors and industry insiders in China's leading rare earth producing regions are pushing the central government to issue a clear national strategy for the industry's development.

12m barrels of oil added to reserves in '10

2011-01-21 13:26:47

China added 12 million barrels of crude to its strategic petroleum reserve over the course of last year, according to Reuters calculations based on figures issued on Thursday by the country's leading oil firm.

China to auction 8 shale gas blocks in Q1

2011-01-21 11:29:16

China will auction eight shale gas exploration blocks in the first quarter of this year, two more than first planned and months later than originally scheduled for November last year, a ministry official said on Thursday.

Natural gas consumption to increase

2011-01-21 09:44:35

China's apparent natural gas consumption is expected to grow by 22.6 percent in 2011 from 106 billion cubic meters (cu m) in 2010. That's because domestic consumption of the clean fuel is set to surge in accordance with the country's need to reduce carbon emissions.

Sun shining brightly on blossoming green industry

2011-01-20 17:01:49

China is on track to play a leading role in the green sector, as more Chinese companies in the sector are investing in the United States and creating jobs.

Natural gas pricing agreement close

2011-01-20 16:59:31

China may reach an initial agreement with Russia on natural gas pricing - a subject of great contention for years - by the middle of 2011, industry experts close to the matter said. 

China's power plan may mean copper imports: Aurubis

2011-01-20 15:12:58

China's plan to modernize its electricity transmission network may stimulate more copper imports and raise Chinese copper prices, Aurubis, Europe's biggest copper smelter, said on Wednesday.

Wind power industry facing big challenges

2011-01-20 14:06:18

China's wind power industry is facing bottleneck issues that may shake its leading position, despite having the world's largest installed wind turbine capacity.

Coal imports hit record due to chilly weather

2011-01-20 12:23:28

China's coal imports surged to a monthly record of 17.34 million tons in December, up 25 percent compared with the previous month.

China steps on the gas for energy

2011-01-20 11:22:42

China will spend an average of 500 million yuan ($74.6 million) each year on exploring oil and gas resources over the next two decades to counter the country's growing dependence on imported energy.

China makes flurry of energy deals with US firms

2011-01-20 09:34:26

China's National Energy Administration and the United States Department of Energy signed 18 deals worth $13 billion on Tuesday, ushering in President Hu Jintao's four-day state visit to the United States.
China, US reach $45 billion in export deals