Xi calls for closer Sino-US co-op at local level

Updated: 2012-03-19 20:51


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BEIJING - Vice President Xi Jinping on Monday called for closer cooperation between China and the United States at local levels so to bolster bilateral relations.

Xi recalled his last visit to the United States, including Iowa, in February, during a meeting with Lieutenant Governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds.

"You have told me that a world of friendship is a world of peace, which is very impressive," Xi said, noting that he concluded from the trip that there is a good foundation for Sino-US friendship.

After the visit, all concerned circles of the two countries have striven to push forward bilateral ties towards a target set by the heads of state, which was also a task of his own visit, Xi said.

"Unremitting efforts are needed for the long-term, sound and stable development of Sino-US relations," Xi said.

He urged the two countries, under any circumstances, to start from the fundamental interests of the two people, stick to the consensus reached by the heads of state, enhance dialogue, mutual understanding and cooperation, and avoid creating disturbances so to advance bilateral ties.

On the cooperation at local level, Xi proposed that the two sides take advantage of the current mechanisms and platforms, and fully play to each other's respective advantages under the principle of mutually beneficial and win-win.

Reynolds, in her turn, spoke highly of Xi's visit to her state, saying Iowa will deepen cooperation with its Chinese partners and promote the US-China relations.

During Xi's five-day visit to the United States in February, he traveled to four cities including Muscatine and Des Moines in Iowa, where he reunited with some old friends who he acquainted in Iowa 27 years ago.