Promotion of young official stirs controversy

Updated: 2012-04-20 18:13


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An announcement that a 20-year-old woman is to be promoted as a deputy-director in Xiangtan city, Central China's Hunan province has triggered controversy online, Southern Daily reported.

Promotion of young official stirs controversy 

The announcement of eight newly-appointed cadres was published on an official website in Yuetang district, Hunan province on April 18. [Photo/Southern Daily] 

On April 18, the Development and Reform Bureau of Yuetang district, Xiangtan city, published an announcement of eight newly-appointed cadres, among whom Wang Qian attracted wide attention. She was born in October, 1991, has a college education and started work in 2010 according to the announcement.

That means she started work at 18 and went to college at 14 or 15. Many Internet users questioned the promotion.

"A girl who has just graduated from school and has very little social experience - what can she do for the public? It's indeed absurd," wrote Internet user Jinbi.

Many others suspect she had an unusual family background that helped her get the post.

On Thursday evening, an unverified micro blogger Xiao Kehe who claimed to be the Party secretary of Yuetang district wrote that Wang Qian's promotion will be suspended.