Wen's speech at 2nd China-Eurasia Expo (Full Text)

Updated: 2012-09-03 06:52


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Ladies and Gentlemen,

Located in the heartland of the Eurasia continent, Xinjiang has long been the passage for economic and cultural exchanges between China and Western countries since ancient times. It was from here that the Silk Road extended to other Eurasian countries. Today, as China opens up in an all-round way, Xinjiang's geographical, cultural and resource advantages have become more prominent in the course of China's opening up to the west and along the border areas. Last year, the Chinese government upgraded the 19-year-old Urumqi Foreign Economic Relations and Trade Fair into China-Eurasia Expo. The aim is to build a new bridge of friendship and cooperation across the Eurasian continent, lay a new passage for China's opening-up to the west and make Xinjiang a gateway for mutually beneficial cooperation between China and other Eurasian countries. We should make full use of its geographical advantage to develop modes of trade that suit the local conditions, including border trade, border barter and tourist shopping. Xinjiang has 17 state-level open ports and 15 state-level industrial clusters including the Kashgar and Horgos economic development zones. The central government will introduce preferential policies in land, taxation, import and export, infrastructure and other areas in Xinjiang. We welcome enterprises of all countries to come and invest here. We will not only "bring in" investment, but also encourage Chinese enterprises to "go global," expanding investment in Eurasian countries. We will explore the possibility of setting up a China-Central Asia economic cooperation fund and an agricultural cooperation fund and building several economic cooperation and trade zones and agricultural demonstration centers in neighboring countries. Xinjiang's reform, opening-up and development will not only benefit people of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang, but also bring more development opportunities to Eurasian countries.

There were no ready roads in the beginning; they were created through persistent effort by the trail blazers. Two thousand years ago, our ancestors overcame numerous hardships and blazed the world-famous Silk Road. It represents a glory shared by all Eurasian people. In the new century, Eurasian countries and peoples should draw strength from our historical heritage and, in the same pioneering spirit of our ancestors and with greater confidence, proudly assume the responsibility entrusted by history and work together for new glory of the Silk Road and a better future of the Eurasian people.

In conclusion, I wish the second China-Eurasia Expo and Economic Development and Cooperation Forum a complete success. Thank you.

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