Bridges facilitate Tibetans traversing ravines

Updated: 2012-10-14 17:23


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LHASA - More than 40,000 people in Southwest China's Tibet autonomous region will be able to cross the region's deep ravines more safely, with bridges being built to replace ropeways, local authorities said Sunday.

Since 2009, a government investment of 220 million yuan ($35.1 million) has been earmarked to build 84 bridges to replace the ropeways that local residents have used to traverse the ravines.

"So far, 74 bridges have been built and the remaining 10 bridges will be finished by the end of this year," said Tsewang Tobgye, head of the region's poverty alleviation office.

The use of ropeways for transportation not only poses a safety threat, but has also choked local economic and social development, Tsewang Tobgye said.

"In the past, I had to rely on the ropeways. Many livestock fall off the ropeways while being transported and sometimes people fall as well," said local villager Dawa Tsering.

"The bridges will not only solve our transportation problems, but also liberate us. Many people have bought trucks, cars and motorcycles to do business," Dawa Tsering said.