The end of the world?

Updated: 2012-12-17 08:12

(China Daily)

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A5: Doomsday will be the most frightening moment for me. Nothing could be more horrible.

A6: People nowadays are probably too busy with their work and don't seriously believe in disasters that can lead to the destruction of the planet. It wouldn't be acceptable to see doomsday survivors boarding an ark, like in the movie 2012. Therefore, I must tell them that they have to be prepared psychologically. When the catastrophe occurs, all existing moral standards and modes of thinking will collapse. A new system will be built in its wake.

Liu Cixin was talking to Hu Yongqi. (Guo Shuhan contributed)

Deng Xiangyun, 23, general manager of Chengdu Higgses Internet and Technology Co, will give his employees two days off (Dec 20 and 21), so that they can spend "doomsday" with their loved ones.

A1: I am a materialist and do not believe in any religion, so I don't believe there will be a doomsday.

The end of the world? 

A2: Everything will happen quietly if doomsday does occur. People will remain calm and use the precious time left to hug and kiss their family members. A bolt of lightning will light up the sky and all the creatures in the world will wither following its disappearance.

A3: I do not believe in the doomsday scenario, but many people around me do, including some working for my company. Even if they come to work on "doomsday", their minds will not be on their work. It's better to give them the days off, so they can be with the most important people in their lives, rather than having them sit in the office and be absent-minded.

Some of my business friends agree and have offered their employees two days away from work.

I often make surprise decisions, so my colleagues are used to it. When I announced the days off, they did not react too much.

On Dec 21, I will stay at home with my parents; they are the most important people in the world to me.

A4: My company has been operating for three years and is on the right track. My greatest regret would be that I would never see my company's name in the list of the world's top 500.

A5: I think people's feelings and relationships are very complicated. They are more horrible things than doomsday to me. When doomsday arrives, no one will escape. But if you live in the world, you have to deal with these relationships.

A6: If no one is alive, why would we need a tomb and a gravestone? No words are needed.

Deng Xiangyun was talking to He Na.


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