Leaving Chinese ambassador praises progress within Laos

Updated: 2013-05-01 00:47


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VIENTIANE - The Chinese Ambassador to Laos Bu Jianguo commemorated completing her term of service to the country by noting the exception progress made by the Lao government in a ceremony held here on Tuesday.

In the speech, Bu noted the exceptional progress she had seen in her time in the country since taking up ambassadorship in 2010. She noted developments in "improved living standards, accelerated urban modernization, construction of economic and business centers and development zones."

She emphasized the strong and ongoing relationship between the two nations which has served to deepen bilateral mutual trust. Since assuming office in 2010, bilateral trade between China and Laos has grown from $1 billion to $1.728 billion in 2012.

Bu noted that China's investments in Laos have double within three years to reach almost $4 billion. With particular cooperation on joint construction of highways, bridges, airports and a hydro-power plant.

More and more students in Laos are studying Mandarin, Bu noted, which is enhancing and strengthening trust between the two peoples.

She suggested a further enhancing of relationships between Laos and China in the future by the utilization of a friendship based on common and fundamental interests.