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Updated: 2013-05-24 21:29


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What should we do about differences between China and Germany?

The answer is simple: We should seek common ground while shelving differences. As we Chinese often say, the ten fingers are different in length. In this colorful and diverse world of today, it is not surprising that countries have different views. What is important is to handle the differences properly. When differences arise, one should not judge others by his own standard or impose his views on others. Instead, one should put himself in others' position and be accommodating. Conducting dialogue deepens understanding and putting oneself in others' position increases mutual trust. Both China and Germany are open and pragmatic. Our people are hardworking and talented, and our companies are innovative and down-to-earth. Different perceptions should not stand in the way of our friendship, and closer cooperation will bring more win-win opportunities to both countries.

Cooperation between Chinese and German businesses will not weaken their respective strengths. Competition is not a bad thing. As China's economy continues to grow, Chinese companies will become more competitive. Close cooperation and healthy competition between our businesses are not a zero-sum game where one gains at the expense of the other. Rather, they help make the pie of the market bigger, which will in turn bring more returns to businesses and create more employment. In addition, the business communities of our two countries can join hands in developing the third market. On its part, China will continue to improve its IPR protection and ensure that there is a level playing field for all businesses.

What can China and Germany do for the world?

Cooperation between Germany, a European country, and China, an Asian country, benefits both our two peoples and the world at large. A country is not destined to pursue hegemony as it grows in strength. Despite the large size of its economy, China remains a developing country, a point that is not lost on those who know China. Even when China indeed becomes strong and developed, it will not bully the weak. This is because we Chinese suffered so much from wars and chaos in modern history that we don't want to see such history repeat itself to others. "Do not do unto others what you don't want others do unto you." This ancient teaching is a core Chinese value and an abiding belief for us.

China's road to modernization is a long one. To govern such a big country with 1.3 billion people, it is essential to meet people's basic daily needs. The Chinese want better education, more stable jobs, better social security, a more comfortable living environment and a richer cultural life. They hope to enjoy social stability and national development. "Those who are not involved do not appreciate how hard it is to govern." Addressing the day-to-day issues in governance in China requires persistent and enormous efforts on our part. That is why China's pursuit of peaceful development is not only a foreign policy goal, but more importantly, a compelling domestic imperative.

The trend towards political multi-polarity and economic globalization is gaining momentum. China is a firm supporter of EU integration. We see in Europe a major force for world peace and stability and an important pole in the world. We hope that the EU will successfully address the debt issue and that the euro zone will enjoy monetary stability. We appreciate what Germany has done to promotes recovery in Europe. When Germany fares well, it will be good for both the EU and China. The global economy still faces uncertainties and growing protectionism, and there are latent risks in the international monetary and financial system. All countries should face up to their responsibilities and demonstrate wisdom in order to jointly meet challenges in times of difficulty. China and Germany, as two major responsible countries, should unequivocally support free trade, oppose protectionism and step up international cooperation, as this is conducive to our common interests as well as world peace, stability and development.

Give us your blessing and let us join hands to build even stronger China-Germany ties!

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