Li: China's development chances for the world

Updated: 2013-05-28 03:05


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BERLIN - China's development means more chances for the world and China will continue to provide a level playing field for foreign companies, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said in Berlin on Monday.

"China's development will present more opportunities to the world economy and create better environment for the cooperation between Chinese and German companies," Li, who is on an official visit to Germany, said while addressing German business community.

China will continue to provide a market environment of fair competition and necessary convenience for foreign firms, he added.

The Chinese premier said China sticks to a peaceful development and is now striving for national revival and modernization, which demands unswerving implementation of reform and opening-up.

He urged Chinese and German enterprises to work together so as to accelerate the cooperation between the two countries.

Since the establishment of diplomatic ties, China and Germany have enjoyed a high level of political mutual trust, and their economies are highly complementary, said Li.

"The growing 'Made in China' and the mature 'Made in Germany' will be a happy pair," he said.

Li noted that over the past two days he held friendly and candid talks with German leadership, met with representatives of the country's entrepreneurs and reached new consensus over deepening China-Germany strategic partnership.

As to the relations with the European Union (EU), Li said China is willing to see a strong and united Europe and supports European integration.

Noting that this year marks the tenth anniversary of the establishment of China-EU comprehensive strategic partnership, Li said that China would like to work with the EU to enhance their strategic mutual trust, and promote all-round pragmatic cooperation.

However, he reiterated Beijing's opposition to a trade probe initiated by the European Commission, the EU's executive arm, into imports of Chinese mobile telecommunications products, urging Brussels to resist protectionism and calling for dialogue.

The common interests are far greater than the differences between China and Europe, said Li, adding that the two sides are wise and capable enough to settle their differences and realize cooperation of all-win results.

Philipp Rosler, Germany's Vice Chancellor and Minister of Economics and Technology, said that China's fast development has vigorously promoted global economic growth and bilateral cooperation.

Germany and China are true partners, and both uphold free trade and open markets, he said, adding that his country would like to work with Beijing to expand cooperation and oppose protectionism so as to realize common development.