Chinese Dream will be beneficial to Nepal: Prachanda

Updated: 2013-05-28 23:40


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KATHMANDU - Nepal's former Prime Minister and Chairman of Unified Communist Party of Nepal Maoist (UCPN-Maoist) Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda said Chinese dream will be beneficial to Nepal for achieving national independence, political stability and economic prosperity.

The leader of the largest Communist Party in Nepal, Prachanda, in a recent exclusive interview with Xinhua said Nepal is morally and emotionally attached with Chinese dream.

Prachanda, the first prime minister after the establishment of Republic in 2008, during the interview said Chinese dream in 21th century is something new not only for China but also for the stability and prosperity of human beings as a whole.

"Chinese leadership has very scientifically synthesized the expectation of the people as a Chinese dream," said Prachanda who spent 25 years underground involving in the communist movement of Nepal.

Prachanda, during his recent visit to China on April 14-20, often mentioned the importance of Chinese dream, a phrase coined by Chinese President Xi Jinping, which is being widely discussed across the world.

"According to my assessment, this Chinese dream is a dream of the people of 21th century for all over the world," he said.

Asked to compare Chinese dream with American dream, Prachanda who has been at the helm of Maoist party since 22 years, said American dream is particularly based on the ideology of capitalist ideology.

"In my understanding, Chinese dream means the dream of the people. I cannot say that American dream is the dream of the people around the world. But Chinese dream can represent the dream of the people who want peace and stability in the globe," said Prachanda.

The 58-year old Maoist leader said, as a friend and good neighbor, Nepal shares Chinese dream and feels proud of the overall development of the China.

Presenting his views about the possible challenges to implement the dream, Prachanda said it is a challenging job and it is not easy to implement in real practice. He suggested Chinese people to move forward in a very unified and collective way to realize the dream.

Like China, Prachanda said his party and himself has a dream of making Nepal economically prosperous and maintaining political stability. During his India and China visits last month, Prachanda conveyed the message of Nepal's dream -- political stability and economic prosperity -- after the promulgation of new constitution.

Prachanda from the party's seventh general convention in February passed the line of peace and constitution as well as economic revolution, which was appreciated by Chinese leaders during his visit, according to him.

Prachanda, who is advocating for trilateral cooperation between Nepal, India and China also talked in detail about his vision with Xinhua at his residence.  Just before his visit to India in the last week of April, Indian foreign minister expressed unwillingness to work for trilateral cooperation.

"It is a strategic vision. According to Indian judgment, time has not come to implement this vision," said Prachanda.

The Maoist Chairman who waged 10-year-long "people's war" said development of bilateral cooperation will create the atmosphere for the trilateral cooperation. "I tried to explain in India that bilateral cooperation will not be minimized by trilateral cooperation," he said.

During Prachanda's visit, Indian leaders have expressed the fear that trilateral cooperation will minimize the bilateral relations between Nepal and India.

"Only after good understanding of bilateral relations, the situation for the trilateral cooperation will be created and we will continue to explain it," he said.

Through the trilateral cooperation, Prachanda wants to bring Chinese and Indian investment in some big development projects. " China and India should come together to help Nepal for its prosperity and political stability" he said.