Highly educated female pilots to join military

Updated: 2013-06-28 20:09


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SHIJIAZHUANG - Sixteen female fighter jet pilots with bachelor's degrees in both engineering and military strategy will join the People's Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force following the completion of their education, a senior military academy officer said Friday.

The 16 women, initially selected from more than 150,000 senior high school graduates, received their education at north China's Shijiazhuang Flight Academy under the PLA Air Force, said Di Liwen, a senior officer at the academy.

They will become full-fledged military pilots after receiving tactical training, Di said.

The women excelled in their flight school exams, he said.

"These pilots are of the highest quality and have solid technique," said Qu Jiang, another senior officer at the academy.

The pilots have been given both theoretical and operational training, Qu said, adding that they have completed all of their flight requirements.

Pilot Yang Jing said she hopes to become "an outstanding pilot with matchless valor."