Shanghai police identify 'subway molester'

Updated: 2013-07-19 17:30


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Shanghai metro police have identified a man who allegedly molested a woman sitting next to him on Metro Line 9 on July 12, local media reported on Friday.

Police would like the woman to press charges, the report said.

Photos taken by a witness showed that the man touched the right leg and bottom of the female passenger with his left hand. The woman, who was wearing shorts, tried to stop him by putting her handbag between her and the man, the Shanghai Morning Post reported on Friday.

The woman then got up and stood beside the door. But the man stood up too and touched her leg again before getting off the train. The witness who took the photos said he advised the woman to call the police but she didn't, according to the report.

The city's metro police launched a campaign to crack down on sexual harassment on the subway. They encourage female passengers to shout for help or call the police if they are harassed.