Official dies in car after alcohol-fueled lunch

Updated: 2013-07-26 12:22


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An alcohol-fueled lunch turned into tragedy for one public servant after he died of sunstroke while sleeping off the booze in a car, reported.

Wang, from the Yingshang county Land and Resources Bureau, East China's Anhui province, went to lunch earlier this month with the bureau's deputy chief, Zhou, vice director of the office, surnamed Yan, and three other staff members. After lunch, Wang took the car driven by Yan, and he was forgotten and left alone in the car, as Yan was also drunk. Wang may have died of sunstroke and excessive alcohol consumption, the bureau chief said.

"All the people involved have been suspended from duty as they drank during work and violated the rules. The parties concerned signed an agreement saying they would compensate the bereaved family 600,000 yuan ($97,771)," said the bureau chief. As for discipline of Zhou and the others, recommendations were submitted to a superior department and are now waiting to be processed.

The Bureau of Land Resources Fuyang has sent in investigation teams on the case.