China abolishes administrative approval items

Updated: 2013-07-27 08:49


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BEIJING - The State Council will eliminate several administrative examination approval items, according to a directive signed by Premier Li Keqiang.

The decision abolishes a regulation concerning production license for coal, as well as amends several items contained in 25 administrative regulations and transfers them to lower levels.

The abolished items also include the registration of entry-exit express enterprises' inspection and quarantine reports and certifications of declaration for inspection and quarantine.

Fifteen administrative regulations have been amended due to the abolishments. Foreign cooperation in the oil, natural gas and coalbed gas sectors no longer needs approval, nor do science and technology awards given by social organizations or the hiring of principals at schools run jointly with overseas partners.

The establishment of tobacco product trading markets and national chain outlets for publications no longer need administrative approval.

The decision also delegates some items from central government departments to provincial-level departments, including exports of animals used for scientific experimentation and the registration of resident representatives of foreign companies.

The abolishment and decentralization of administrative examination and approval items are part of efforts to reduce political power in China's market economy.

The premier said in May that the focus of government work should be shifted to creating a favorable environment for development, providing quality public services and maintaining social equity and justice.