Innovations in China's Diplomatic Theory and Practice Under New Conditions(Part 7)

Updated: 2013-08-16 19:35


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The fifth major achievement through innovations in diplomatic theory and practice: putting forth the need for enhanced coordination in diplomatic work to ensure unified central leadership over the operations

Recently, State Councilor Yang Jiechi has written on innovations in diplomatic theory and practice by the new central leadership of the CPC. According to the article, the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as General Secretary attaches great importance to a holistic management of foreign affairs and requires the central and local governments, non-governmental organizations and all foreign-related agencies to bear in mind the overall diplomatic agenda. We should fully motivate all the parties involved and spark their creativity, and at the same time subject their activities to the unified management guided by national interests so as to realize the strategic intentions of the Party Central Committee in diplomatic work. In the past six months, by strengthening institution-building and formulating clear-cut regulations, the Party Central Committee has improved and strengthened the unified central leadership over foreign-related work with stronger and better coordinated operations.