Chinese school enrollment opportunities rising

Updated: 2013-08-16 22:26


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BEIJING - School enrollment was available to 99.85 percent of China's children in 2012, according to a Friday report from the Ministry of Education.

There were a total of 181,300 kindergartens in China last year, representing an increase of 14,500 over the previous year, the report showed.

The gross enrollment rate for junior high school students stood at 85 percent in 2012, inching up one percentage point in comparison to 2011, according to the report.

China's colleges and universities admitted 6.89 million students in 2012, marking a 1.08-percent jump compared with the previous year, the report showed.

As many as 589,700 postgraduates were enrolled in universities and research institutes, indicating a 5.27-percent rise, the report added.