Trending news across China on Aug 31

Updated: 2013-08-31 15:23


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Sad subway station

A sad love song can often be heard at Zhonghuamen subway station in Nanjing, Jiangsu province, for three years. Sometimes it's broadcast all day long. Many passengers complain about it. A staff member at the station has been playing the song since he broke up with his girlfriend three years ago.

Shaolin kung fu

Shaolin kung fu will appear at the International Military Music Festival in Russia's Red Square. The Shaolin monks, led by Abbot Shi Yongxin, will attend the festival Sept 1-8.

Trending news across China on Aug 31

Mistress' reckless behavior

A mistress in Anhui province went to her lover's home to ask him to divorce his wife, was denied, and fought with his parents. She then went to the roof and threatened to jump off, unless the parents knelt down and apologized to her. The old couple did what she wanted. The woman's behavior sparked wide discussion on the Internet.

Trending news across China on Aug 31