Trending news across China on Aug 31

Updated: 2013-08-31 15:23


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An official in Anhui is blackmailed with naked photos, blinded boy's aunt jumps to her death, and Sister Furong is back in the news -- it's all trending in China.

Photo blackmail

A deputy section chief of in Hefei, Anhui province, was stunned when he received a letter with a nude photo of himself and a woman. The letter asked him for 80,000 yuan ($13,079) or else the photo would be made public. Knowing the photo was fake, the official reported it to the police.

Trending news across China on Aug 31

Blind boy

An injured boy's aunt jumped to her death in a well on Aug 30. The reason is still unclear, and the aunt's husband said she was mentally abnormal. The 6-year-old boy's eyes were gouged out by unknown people while he was playing outside in Shanxi province on Aug 17.

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